What is Money?

What is Money?

Learn about barter system, double coincidence of wants, money as medium of exchange, and characteristics of commodity money.

The five characteristics of commodity money includes:

  • Divisible
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Recognizable / Fungible
  • Scarce

History of Money

Learn about how money developed throughout the history from early money including bartering for goods and I owe you tokens to metal money and paper money.

Learn about how money is developed over the years from hard currency like gold or silver, commodity money like rai stone and cowries shells, to paper money.

Part 1 - Origins of Exchange

Part 2 - Not Just Noodles

Part 3 - Barebones Economy

Part 4 - Lay Down the Law

Part 5 - Working out the Kinks

Part 6 - The Gold Standard